The band of bigots and extremists behind Referendum 301

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We already knew that the campaign to roll back healthcare for 350,000 Oregonians and raise premiums for another 220,000 was a disaster. But it gets worse: Turns out, the handful of Republican legislators pushing Referendum 301 appear to have joined forces with Nevada multimillionaire Loren Parks’ dark money groups and a troubling list of discriminatory, anti-choice, and anti-worker groups.

Let’s take a look at the band of bigots and hate groups behind the effort to roll back the Oregon Healthcare Protections Bill:

Loren Parks: The Taxpayers Association of Oregon, long associated with the Nevada multimillionaire and sex hypnotist Loren Parks, has given more than $34,000 to Referendum 301. It seems Parks, who bankrolled convicted tax evader Bill Sizemore’s anti-worker attacks for years, is casting his lot with the healthcare rollback referendum. Parks is the same reclusive megadonor that “warned rape victims not to try to get ‘mileage’ out of their stories.”

Oregon Family Council: This anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ group has been busy trying to collect signatures to place Referendum 301 on the ballot. The Oregon Family Council’s troubling reputation is lengthy and disturbing. The hate group even once went so far as to compare marriage equality to Neo-Nazism.

Oregon Firearms Federation: The Oregon Firearms Federation formed because they believe the NRA is too liberal on gun policy, and now they’re busy pushing Referendum 301 in their emails and social media. Just what kind of group is this? Their executive director attended a Salem rally where protesters burned an effigy of Gov. Kate Brown, and he refused to condemn the actions.

Oregon Right to Life: This anti-choice group opposes choice, even in the cases of rape and incest. They are willing to strip healthcare from hundreds of thousands of Oregonians to make sure families can’t have access to basic reproductive healthcare.

With friends like these, it’s clear the campaign to roll back healthcare protections has nothing to do with protecting Oregon families. We have to push back against these extremist groups and send a clear sign that their dangerous, hateful agenda has no place in Oregon.

Contact your legislator today to urge them to denounce these extremists and their attacks on Oregon families’ healthcare.

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