Karl Rove Thinks He Has Plans For Oregon

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Tell your network:

Just a couple of weeks after landing a big payday for a few speaking gigs in Central Oregon, Republican mastermind Karl Rove has announced he’s got big plans for our state.


Here’s what he told Politico:

Oregon, which mystifies me. Oregon, as you may recall, was a battleground in 2000 and this time around there is a little bit of evidence that Obama has some difficulty there.

I think part of it is that you do have this sort of weird element … centered around Portland that looks at Obama as a dangerous reactionary. But you also have something going out there, sort of this libertarian, Western, iconoclastic I’m-not-going-to-be-put-in-a-box. But something’s going on in Oregon. They’ve got a 30-30 statehouse. And Republicans came within 15,000 votes of winning the governorship and yet it’s the most unchurched state in the union. So it’s a weird conglomeration. Oregon might be next.

Rove has been obsessed with our state since George W. Bush almost won in November 2000. Does Rove’s latest statement mean that his superPAC will be spending money in Oregon? Is he just angling for more lucrative speaking events? We’ll soon find out.

In the meantime, his comments have got us humming this tune:

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