Ballot Measure 85: Corporate Kicker for K-12 Schools

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Tell your network:

On July 6, we turned in more than 200,000 signatures for a statewide initiative petition that will put more funds in Oregon’s K-12 classrooms by reforming the corporate kicker. On this page, you’ll find information about the measure, including what you can do to help us talk to Oregonians about why we need to reinvest in our schools.

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What does Measure 85 do?
Measure 85 would reform the corporate kicker by putting money into Oregon K‐12 classrooms, rather than back into the pockets of large, out‐of-state corporations. That would mean lowering class sizes and restoring important school programs.

These funds would also help get Oregon schools off of the financial roller coaster and provide more stability, even in economically tough years.

How much money will Measure 85 raise for K12 schools?
In the past two decades, corporate kicker refunds have ranged from $18 million to $344 million. It’s important to note that in many budget years, there is no kicker refund.

The corporate kicker is only triggered when tax revenues exceed the revenue predictions for that budget cycle. If the state economists’ guess is off by more than 2%, corporations get money back (on taxes they actually owe).

Why this measure?
In tough economic times, we need to get our priorities straight. We need to protect children from further cuts to schools and protect seniors from further cuts to in‐home care.

Our schools have been forced to layoff thousands of teachers, students are being crammed into overcrowded classrooms, and we’re leaving the next generation less prepared to compete in the global economy.

Most of the corporate kicker checks go to large, out‐of‐state corporations. Oregon business leaders agree with parents, teachers, and school advocates that we should eliminate the corporate kicker and spend those funds on our schools.

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