What’s on the Ballot

There have been lots of filings for the 2014 statewide ballot. It's still too early in the process to know what will qualify, but here is a list of measures to keep your eyes on:

Some Big Ideas to Fund Oregon's Priorities

Right now, Oregon is tied for the lowest business taxes in the nation. While taxes on large corporations are much, much lower than any of the states on the West Coast, Oregon has the third largest class sizes in the country and one of the shortest school years. Other services like in-home care for seniors are also threatened.  Our Oregon has filed several initiatives for the 2014 ballot that would generate hundreds of millions of dollars—or more—by raising taxes on very large corporations. (See our initiative page for the full list.) Most of the corporations affected by this measure are large, out-of-state corporations who make a lot of money in Oregon, but pay very little in taxes.

Marriage Equality

Americans have seen wide-sweeping gains progress and support for marriage equality all over the nation. Now, Oregonians have the opportunity to recognize and protect the right to marry for same-sex couples in Oregon as well. Basic Rights Oregon has filed initiatives to bring marriage equality in Oregon. Visit Oregon United for Marriage for more details about the initiatives and campaign.

Anti-Union Attacks

There have already been multiple anti-union initiatives filed for 2014. This is the same kind of political attack by the far right-wing that we've seen in other states like Wisconsin and Indiana. It's part of a concerted national effort by large corporations and billionaires to take away the voice of middle-class families. In Oregon, this includes three anti-union initiatives that seek to prevent unions’ abilities to collect member dues.

Other Bad Ideas

Kevin Mannix is at it again with several repeat filings of past initiative attempts, including a re-boot of 2012’s Measure 84 Tax Break for Millionaires and the Oregon Castle Doctrine Act, the ALEC model bill that allows homeowners to injure or even kill trespassers, with indemnity. Paul Cosgrove, electric company lobbyist, is promoting an initiative that would allow electric companies to circumvent renewable energy requirements. Volunteers are circulating an anti-choice initiative and the far-right wing Oregonians for Immigration Reform is attempting to refer SB 833, a safe roads bill that creates a driver card certification process for all Oregon residents.