Hey, Here’s A Quarter of a Billion Dollars

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With the possibility looming of yet another two years of budget cuts to classrooms, health care, human services, and public safety, legislators are looking for ways to head off those cuts by finding money where they can.

This morning, a coalition of organizations released a report that identifies $278 million in state government savings that can be used to limit cuts to basic services like schools and senior care.

The report is called “Making Every Dollar Count,” and it outlines savings by reining in layers of middle-management at state agencies, cutting contracts to private vendors, and–perhaps most basically–doing more to go after tax cheats.

The coalition behind the report includes AARP Oregon, SEIU Local 503, Oregon PTA, Oregon AFSCME, AFT-Oregon, Oregon AFL-CIO, Oregon Health Care Association, Oregon Education Association, Oregon Student Association, and Our Oregon.

For more info–including the full report–head on over to OurOregon.org.

Making Every Dollar Count final
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