Halloween Comes Early: Who’s Behind the Deceptive “Women’s Voters Guide”?

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Tell your network:

Did you receive a mailing this weekend that looked like this?—>

Wondering who it’s from? No, it’s not the League of Women Voters, nor is it from any group that works on women’s issues.  It’s actually from a Republican-aligned group called the Oregon Transformation Project, which is almost entirely funded by money from Stimson Lumber.


How closely aligned are Oregon Transformation Project and the Oregon Republican Party? It’s co-chaired by Allen Alley, chair of the Oregon GOP, and Rep. Dennis Richardson (R-Central Point). Its political action committee is run by Rob Kremer, the treasurer of the Oregon Republican Party. None of them are well known as champions on women’s issues.


Oregon Transformation Project has dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into GOP candidate races.

So it should come as no surprise that most of the “Women’s Voters Guide” endorsements are for Republicans (including Mitt Romney, Knute Buehler, and Bruce Starr), with a handful of token Democratic endorsements in seats that are safe for the Dems or are unopposed.

 It’s a pink-tinted disguise designed to give Republican candidates a boost in key races. If Twitter is any indication, it appears this trick is backfiring.Did you receive one of these mailers? Respond in the comment section and let us know where in the state you’re located. It’ll help us get a sense of just how widespread it was mailed. We’d love to hear what your reaction was upon receiving it, too.

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UPDATE: Looks like Allen Alley has now resigned from the Oregon Transformation Project.

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