Forgetting Trayvon Martin

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Think Progress recently published an update on “what’s happened in the Trayvon Martin case since you stopped paying attention.” In addition to information about the trial (now set for June 10), the blog points at the general public’s interest in the case. While the public expressed their outrage loud and clear during the immediate aftermath, attention to the trial has dramatically decreased over time.


It’s understandable that people’s attention has shifted to other matters; there are a lot of pressing issues happening around us all the time.

But this is, of course, exactly what Zimmerman and his lawyers would presumably want. When the public stops paying attention, it takes the heat off them and the (completely relevant and important) emotions out of the case.

It’s also what the people behind Stand Your Ground (and similar) legislation probably want. Like Kevin Mannix.

It appears as though Mannix is taking advantage of the public’s inattention. Just this month, Mannix filed papers, yet again, to try to bring similar Stand Your Ground laws to Oregon. Currently in Oregon, property owners have the right to defend themselves if they are being physically threatened. Mannix’s Castle Doctrine SP-12 would allow property owners to shoot whoever they want, without even having to show that they were in any danger.

Mannix’s filed his Castle Doctrine Act, Sponsorship Petition 12, on February 1 — just 4 days before Trayvon Martin would have turned 18.

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