Far-right timber baron bankrolling healthcare rollbacks

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Tell your network:

Over the weekend, timber tycoon and longtime right-wing donor Andrew Miller gave thousands to the campaign to put healthcare rollbacks on the Oregon ballot. If it wasn’t already obvious that a fringe group of local Republicans and extremist organizations is playing politics with Oregonians’ health, now it’s crystal clear.

Who else is behind these attacks? Miller joins the likes of reclusive Nevada millionaire Loren Parks, who has been threatening worker rights for decades. And that’s not all: Extremist groups including the Oregon Family Council and Oregon Right to Life, which oppose a woman’s right to choose, Oregonians for Immigration Reform, a white supremacist hate group, and the Oregon Firearms Federation, which believes the NRA is too liberal on gun policy, also support these rollbacks.

Their attacks on care are not just dirty politics, they threaten our core values: Every Oregonian should be able to go to the doctor when they are sick, and every Oregon should receive the medication they need to get better without being bankrupted. The bottom line is that all families deserve access to healthcare that they can afford.

But if Andrew Miller and Loren Parks have their way, more than 350,000 children, hard-working adults, and some of the most vulnerable Oregonians will lose their healthcare. This is just plain wrong.

Healthcare opponents have just over a week to collect the signatures they need to put these rollbacks on the ballot, so it’s up to us to stand together and spread the word. Add your name today to defend healthcare in Oregon.

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