Consequence of overcrowded and underfunded schools: Another side to the story

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We talk a lot about the impacts of overcrowded classrooms on students, who are getting less and less of their teachers’ attention and who, at times, feel hopeless.

But one of the unseen consequences is one that has extraordinarily long-lasting impacts on our Oregon schools. As it turns out, overcrowded classrooms don’t affect just the students who are currently squeezed into those classes, but also those still to come – because some of our best and experienced teachers are retiring early or switching careers. Some would-be excellent teachers are even choosing to forgo the profession entirely.

Everyone – everyone – wants good teachers for our children. But Oregon’s teachers are put in situations where they have more students than names they can remember, more papers than they have time to read, and fewer planning periods to prep for their increasing class load.

Just one example of Oregon’s predicament:

Overcrowded Classrooms, High Desert Middle School from Our Oregon on Vimeo.

Oregon is losing some of its most experienced teachers because of cuts to our K-12 schools. And with that, Oregon loses years of experience and dedication from the classroom experience – not just now, but for years to come.

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