Class Sizes: Yup, still matter

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K12Yesterday, we shared a post about the direct connection between large class sizes and decreased student achievements and what that means for our state with the 3rd largest class sizes in the nation. Today, we found out that a recent survey of teachers across the nation shows that those in Oregon specifically pinpoint massive class sizes as one of the most challenging factors of their jobs.

According to a survey of 20,000 teachers around the nation, 60% of Oregon teachers (more than nearly any other state’s teachers) shared that the large class sizes create “significant barriers” to their ability to do their job.

From the Oregonian:

Sixty percent of Oregon teachers say excessively large class sizes are one of the main challenges they face in doing their jobs, a new survey found. Only two states, Arizona and Nevada, had a higher share of their teachers report that big class sizes are one of the most significant challenges they face…

As the Oregonian has been reporting for years, Oregon teachers face some of the largest teaching loads in the nation — and they’ve gotten even bigger in recent years.

So it was probably not surprising that Oregon teachers are among the most likely to complain it’s impeding their work. Still, it had not been documented before.

Our teachers agree that large class sizes impact their ability to do their jobs well — and the data shows that they’re spot on. They really, truly can not help students when they have only about one minute per student of instruction time.

Can’t imagine what this would be like? Here areĀ some resources to give you a sense.

Can we agree that it’s time to invest in our schools yet? If our policymakers are looking for ideas of where to find the resources, we’ve got a few ideas for where they might start looking:



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