Big Oil can’t buy Oregon

Big Oil polluters are looking out for their bottom line — not Oregon families.

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Tell your network:


Our mission at the Oregon League of Conservation Voters is simple: to protect Oregon’s environmental legacy by passing laws that promote environmental protection, electing pro-environment leaders, and holding all of our elected officials accountable when it comes to conservation.

For decades, we’ve stood up against large corporations willing to put their profits over the well-being of Oregonians and the preservation of our state’s natural legacy. Now, many of these same corporations are trying to defeat Measure 97, and they’re spending big to fight back against corporate accountability.

The corporate campaign against Measure 97 is primarily funded by large and out-of-state corporations — big corporations that are willing to write big checks if it means they can continue dodging their fair share here in Oregon.

The opposition to Measure 97 has $9.8 million in contributions from corporations and businesses, including corporations like Comcast, BP Oil, and Wells Fargo. Big Oil, the recipient of billions in tax subsidies, has contributed $635,000 to the opposition. These checks are big, but they aren’t surprising. We know that if we stand together, we can hold big corporations accountable. The fact is, we need to.

We’re asking you to help us shine a light on the corporate-backed contributions to the No on 97 campaign and what their intentions truly are — to maintain the status quo. Big Oil and their corporate buddies aren’t looking out for the well-being of Oregon families. These big corporations are only looking out for their bottom lines. To make Oregon a better place to live, we need to stand up to them, together.

Join us in holding big corporations accountable so that we can invest in a healthier Oregon.

Doug Moore, Oregon League of Conservation Voters

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