Ballot tampering and voter suppression from Clackamas County Election officials?

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The question has become resounding… what in the heck is going on in Clackamas County Elections?

In the past few years, the office has been the source of elections irregularities that have called into question the integrity of the elections in the county. County Clerk Sherry Hall‘s record of making partisan statements have made her a champion of the Tea Party, but have raised major alarm bells with everyone else.

Yesterday, the question asked by the press, by voters, and even by Clackamas County Commissioners was if the credibility of Clerk Sherry Hall’s office could sink any lower.

Yes, it turns out. Yesterday evening—on the same day the Department of Justice announced it was investigating Hall’s office for ballot tampering—news came out that the Clackamas County Elections office sent out the West Linn police to stop two Democratic volunteers from engaging in perfectly legal Get-Out-The-Vote activity. These volunteers were accepting ballots from voters as part of their GOTV effort, which is allowed as long as they have a sign saying they are unofficial, which they did.


If voters want to give canvassers their completed, sealed ballots to turn in, they can under Oregon law. That’s been the law since the Vote By Mail began. Yet Sherry Hall’s office appears to have intentionally sent the police to harass the Democratic canvassers to prevent them from collecting ballots.

At this point, the evidence that Sherry Hall can’t be trusted to administer a fair elections process is overwhelming. Her office is being investigated for tampering with ballots to benefit Republican candidates, and it now looks like they’re trying to suppress volunteer efforts by Democrats.

Sherry Hall may be the Tea Party’s favorite elections official, but everybody else in the state should be outraged by what’s going on under her watch.

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