Anti-Worker Initiatives Pulled from 2014 Ballot

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Keep Oregon WorkingAs of 2pm today, chief petitioners for Initiative Petitions 1 and 9–the anti-worker initiatives–withdrew their initiatives from the 2014 ballot. The withdrawal was part of an agreement that also saw the withdrawal of several revenue measures.

The Keep Oregon Working Coalition–which has been organizing the campaign against the anti-worker attacks since last year–put out a statement about the withdrawal. Excerpt:

The best news out of this deal is that Oregon workers will not have to face a major, multi-million dollar attack from out-of-state corporate interests. While the Koch Brothers and ALEC are moving these anti-worker laws around the country, we won’t have to face that threat this year.

The need for revenue is clear. We have the third largest K-12 class sizes in the nation, and one of the shortest school years. Our kids are getting less and less instruction time, and very little one-on-one instruction, thanks to very large classes. We continue to see threats to the services that seniors and working families depend on, making it more difficult for struggling Oregonians to stay afloat.

While it’s great news that we won’t be facing a major anti-worker initiative this year, it’s critical that we remain vigilant about what’s happening to working families right now. While corporate profits and incomes for the top 1% are at all time highs, wages and incomes for working people have fallen since the end of the recession.

We’ll continue to highlight the growing gap between the wealthiest households and everyone else, and we’ll continue to look for ways to make Oregon’s economy more fair for everyone.

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