All Right! Corporate Kicker Reform Pays Off

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As much as $43 million possibly headed to schools due to Measure 85

When it comes to protecting our schools, it’s clear that elections matter.

In 2012, a large coalition of organizations came together to reform the corporate kicker tax law. The coalition gathered signatures to put Measure 85 on the ballot, which changed the law so that when the corporate kicker refund was triggered, the money would go to our K-12 classrooms, rather than the out-of-state corporations who got most of the kicker refund.

Bring Back P.E.Education advocates and other backers—including Our Oregon—argued that it was a bad idea to send tax revenues to profitable corporations while our schools were still suffering due to a lack of funding.

Oregon voters agreed: Measure 85 passed by a wide margin of 60% to 40%.

Well, yesterday, state economists released their latest Revenue Forecast, projecting that the corporate kicker could very well kick to the tune of $43 million.

Prior to Measure 85, those tens of millions of dollars would have largely gone to the out-of-state headquarters of some very large corporations. But under Measure 85, if there is in fact a corporate kicker triggered, that $43 million will go to Oregon’s K-12 schools instead.

That will come as wonderful news to parents, teachers, and students, who are still facing overcrowded classrooms and one of the shortest school years in the country.

Supporters of the Corporate Kicker for K-12 campaign should take a moment to celebrate. Our victory is a clear example of the power of grassroots campaigns to make Oregon a better place to live.

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