ALEC model bill working towards Oregon 2014 ballot

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Remember ALEC? They’re baa-aaaack.

The American Legislative Exchange Council allows corporations to write policies and send them directly into state legislatures. The group has been influencing politics across the nation for decades, yet came to light only a few years ago after a package of the group’s “Model Bills” were leaked to the Center for Media & Democracy.

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Now, ALEC’s 2014 legislative agenda has been revealed. Looks like next year aims to be a big one, as the well-funded lobby group has prioritized bills that would undermine workers’ rights, strip environmental protections, and make it harder to hold corporations accountable.

And some of these priority bills appear to align directly with some of the proposals headed towards the 2014 ballot. Coincidence? We think not (See: Who’s promoting ALEC in Oregon?)

ALEC introduced a model bill they call the “Public Employee Choice Act.”  It would limit workers from joining together to fight for fair wages, benefits, and safe working conditions. It includes various anti-worker provisions that we’ve seen introduced in many states around the nation — from Wisconsin to Ohio and more.

Here in Oregon, there are three initiatives currently filed that include different parts of the policy. In fact, one even has the very same name; IP 9 chief petitioners call their measure the “Public Employee Choice Act.” It sounds good (Who doesn’t like choices!?) but considering who’s pushing it and what their agenda is, it’s clear that this is highly misleading. Instead of offering employee “choice,” the initiative is really about undermining those employees so that corporations can slash their wages and benefits and ship more jobs overseas.

Many organizations and individuals have already come together to fight back against this ALEC-inspired policy. To find out more, visit:

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