300,000 Oregonians are about to get a raise

Tell your network:

Tell your network:

Tomorrow, over 300,000 working Oregonians are getting a raise — and that’s thanks to the phone calls, letters, and emails that supporters like you sent to lawmakers last year, urging them to raise the wage across the state. From rallies to phone banks, we sent a clear message to our legislators: Nobody who works full time should live in poverty.

With nearly a quarter of Oregon’s workforce concentrated in low-wage jobs, this year’s wage increase (and the ones to follow in the coming years!) means that thousands of families will be able to put food on the table, get the healthcare they need, and live with the security they deserve.

Tomorrow’s minimum wage increase is a game-changer for hundreds of thousands of Oregonians and another reminder that when we stand together, a fair shot at prosperity for all is possible.

And workers aren’t the only ones celebrating the rising minimum wage. All across Oregon, local business owners are seeing a return on their investment in higher wages: Better pay means lower staff turnover and reduced training costs, and as small business owners know, one business’ employee is another’s customer.

We couldn’t be more excited to share this victory with you. Together, we showed the nation that by raising the wage, we can help workers support their families while strengthening our economy — and that message is already making a major impact across the country.

Let’s keep this momentum going: Tell your friends and family why you’re proud to have helped raise the wage!

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